Secure Asset Visibility as a Service

If you have:

  • assets
  • locations where those assets are monitored
  • sensor data to be recorded and analyzed for those assets
  • people with different roles regarding those assets

SAVaaS means:

  • know where all assets are at all times
  • monitor usage and custody/accountability transfers for those assets
  • 360 pt1: look at location and user history for an asset
  • 360 pt2: look at asset and user history for a location
  • 360 pt3: look at asset and location history for a user
  • model your data correctly, with a long-term focus (decades)
  • store your data on site, using accepted best practices for maximum security
  • view audit logs of all data and events, core reports, and easily create new reports with WYSIWYG editor
  • provide secure REST API and message queue support for data exchange with other systems
  • formalize workflows and processes using BPMN standard, which can then be tested/run in the system
  • integrate with entire universe of Oracle software, e.g. Database and Application Builder
  • support multiple languages, including RTL (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew) -- and all UI labels can be customized
  • secure desktop, secure terminal, secure tablet, and secure handheld support over encrypted connections
  • use an English-like language to extend core system: i.e., to design/develop/test new models, modify UI logic, create scheduled jobs, and more...
  • deploy full system (with your customizations) in two months, not two years

Built for RuBee:

  • fixed, mobile, and handheld readers
  • variety of optimized antennas for all location types
  • secure tags in all form factors, with any/all sensors

SAVaaS is powered by the framework. is a Spring application. Read more about Spring and Spring Security. is engineered with reference to the US Department of Defense Architecture Framework and IEEE software engineering standards.

Using Oracle? Download the Application Builder's Guide. Or learn about the powerful API options. Or learn about Oracle UI templates.

Need a custom report? Use the WYSIWYG Report Creator.

Modeling a business process? includes the leading Camunda BPM engine.





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