Dot Tag

Dot Tag Edge Server

  • Link between readers and app platforms
  • Brain that controls consistency within its group
  • Secure audit log of all signals and events (eg. 21CFR11)
  • Dashboard control panel and status monitor screens for wall-mounted displays
  • Monitors RuBee devices – status, health, activity
  • Central control of readers – can send commands and configuration
  • Allows app platforms (,,, Tulip, ...) to use RuBee data
  • Works with any app platform, or none
  • Tempest-hardened small form-factor server
  • Secure enterprise Linux
  • Java – mature and well-understood
  • REST API over TLS/SSL – for apps and app platforms
  • Redis for fast data structure I/O, RabbitMQ and MQTT support

Dot Tag Database

  • Fast, reliable, very secure
  • Wide test coverage, plus randomized stress tests
  • Supports standards: ANSI SQL, JDBC API
  • Referential integrity – foreign keys, check/cascade constraints
  • Checksum for each record and log entry
  • CSV file support
  • Allows app platforms (,,, Tulip, ...) to use RuBee data
  • Entire database can be AES-128 encrypted
  • SHA-256 password encryption and auth
  • TLS/SSL for network communication
  • Multi-version concurrency control (what Oracle is based on)
  • Transaction support, 2-phase-commit
  • Clustering support